Flora’s Bluff / Killegray Ridge (FB/KR) properties are governed by the Unified Covenants, Community Wide Standards, and Design Guidelines of the Bald Head Association (BHA), and the FB/KR Covenants and Guidelines. These documents govern the appearance and maintenance of our properties and common areas. 

Within this system of guidance, restrictions, and processes, the FB/KR Home Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors has four significant responsibilities. First, to ensure that the original concept and design of the FB/KR neighborhood is maintained. Second, to ensure FB/KR properties meet or exceed BHA Community Standards. Third, to maintain neighborhood common areas. Fourth, to assist property owners in navigating BHA and FB/KR architectural requirements. Successfully meeting these responsibilities will preserve our neighborhood’s unique reputation as “The Gem of Bald Head Island.”

There are several relevant organizations that assist and guide the FB/KR HOA in accomplishing these responsibilities:

FB/KR Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines


These guidelines were updated on Sept 23, 2021. They describe the standards for the community and provide guidance for requesting changes.  

FB/KR Approved Paint Colors

2021 Approved Paint ColorsDownload

These colors were approved in 2021 by the FB/KR and Bald Head Association for cottages in our community. Owners may choose a body color and any trim package. Note, there are homes that currently do not comply with this standard. Please email before you paint and collaborate to work toward getting all homes adopting standard colors. Color codes are based on Benjamin Moore paints.

Dumpster Guidelines Updated June2022Download